AN8-16A - Army Navy Standard Undrilled Bolt



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AN8-16A - Army Navy Standard Undrilled Bolt
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AN8-16A - Aircraft National Standard Undrilled Bolt

The AN8-16A is a variety of bolt that lies under the Aircraft National Standards (AN) system, which is commonly employed in aviation and aerospace applications. AN8-A Standard Undrilled Bolt Description:

Dimension and Thread: The designation "AN8" refers to the bolt's dimension. The 1/2-inch diameter of AN8 fasteners is a common dimension for a variety of aircraft components. The "-16" denotes the bolt's length, which is 16/16 or 1 inch.

Material: Typically, these fasteners are manufactured from aviation-appropriate, high-strength materials, such as corrosion-resistant steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Depending on the specific application and requirements, the material may vary.

The bolt will have a standard head, which is typically hexagonal (hex) in shape. This design makes fastening and loosening with a spanner or socket simple.

The "Undrilled" designation indicates that this bolt lacks a perforation through the shank. Some aircraft fasteners have openings through their shanks for safety wiring, which prevents them from falling loose. However, AN8-16A fasteners are undrilled, so they lack this characteristic.

Depending on the application, AN8-16A fasteners will have a specific thread type, such as Unified National Thread (UNF) or Unified National Thread Fine (UNF). These threads are intended to facilitate a secure and snug connection between components.

Finish: Aviation bolts are frequently coated with corrosion-resistant finishes, such as cadmium plating or other specialized coatings, to shield them from environmental factors and ensure their longevity.

AN8-16A fasteners are frequently used in a variety of aircraft systems, including structural components, engine mounts, and other applications where a secure and dependable connection is essential.

Certification: These fasteners are manufactured in accordance with stringent quality and safety standards and are frequently accompanied by certification documentation to ensure they satisfy the required aviation specifications.

In conclusion, an AN8-16A Standard Undrilled Bolt is a 1/2-inch diameter, 1-inch long, high-strength bolt with a hex head and no opening through the shank. It is intended for use in aerospace and aviation applications where reliable fastening and structural integrity are essential.

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