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A708-28 - Whalen Halogen Light Bulb 28V 50W

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A708-28 - Halogen Light Bulb 28V 50W

The A708-28 Whalen Halogen Light Bulb is a specialized illumination component utilized frequently in aviation and aerospace applications. The following is a summary of the A708-28 Whalen Halogen Light Bulb:

The A708-28 Whalen Halogen Light Bulb is intended for use in aircraft and aerospace environments. It plays a crucial role in supplying bright and reliable illumination for various purposes within the aircraft.

This light bulb employs halogen technology, which is renowned for its high luminosity and efficiency. Due to their ability to generate a concentrated and intense light beam, halogen bulbs are ideal for aviation illumination.

Electrical Specifications: "28V 50W" indicates that the light bulb operates at a voltage of 28 volts and has a wattage rating of 50 watts. These specifications are crucial for electrical system compatibility with aircraft.

Whalen is a reputable company renowned for manufacturing high-quality aviation illumination solutions. The A708-28 bulb is designed with durability and dependability in mind, making it appropriate for the rigorous conditions of aviation.

This halogen light bulb is utilized in a variety of aircraft lighting systems, including cockpit lighting, instrument panel illumination, cabin lighting, and external lighting such as landing lights and navigation lights. It ensures safety and visibility during various phases of flight.

Aviation Standards: The A708-28 bulb likely adheres to stringent aviation industry standards and certifications to ensure its dependability and flight safety.

Halogen lamps are renowned for their comparatively long lifespan, which makes them an economical choice for aviation operators. They provide continuous illumination for an extended period of time.

The A708-28 Whalen Halogen Light Bulb is a high-quality, dependable illumination component designed for aerospace and aviation applications. It operates at 28 volts, consumes 50 watts of power, and is used for various aircraft illumination purposes, ensuring flight safety and visibility.

A module for flashing a light source with a maximum current draw of 5 amps.
Detailed specifications:
Weight is 0.1 kilogram.
Width: 2.28" Height: 1.06" Length: 2.52"
Rate of Flash: 50+/- 5 fpm
Maximum power consumption is 5 amps.

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