CCA-1550 - Curtis Drain Valve Pipe Thread
CCA-1550 - Curtis Drain Valve Pipe Thread
AD4E4 - Aero Trainer 6.00X6 6 Ply Training Tire
AD4E4 - Aero Trainer 6.00X6 6 Ply Training Tire

51-861 Scratch Off Deluxe FBO Windshield Repair Kit
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Introducing the Scratch-Off 51-861 Deluxe FBO Windshield Repair Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Aviation Window Clarity

Elevate the transparency and safety of your aircraft with the Scratch-Off 51-861 Deluxe FBO Windshield Repair Kit. Conceived by a certified A&P technician and trusted globally since 1993, this premier kit emerges as the paramount choice for rejuvenating acrylic and Lexan surfaces on aircraft windows and windshields.

Why Choose Scratch-Off?

  • Expert Endorsement: Admired and advocated by leading airframers, window manufacturers, and aviation enthusiasts worldwide for its unparalleled efficiency in restoring optical clarity.
  • Guaranteed Results: When applied according to the enclosed comprehensive eight-panel instruction guide, Scratch-Off guarantees to enhance the transparency of your aircraft's windows and windshields permanently.
  • Comprehensive Restoration: Whether it’s minor scratches or more extensive cloudiness, Scratch-Off’s meticulously designed four-step process caters to all levels of restoration needs, ensuring not every step is always necessary.
  • Generous Kit Capacity: Each kit is abundantly supplied with sufficient materials to refurbish most 4 and 6-place aircraft windshields and windows with ease.

Restore Like a Pro The Scratch-Off 51-861 Deluxe FBO Windshield Repair Kit is meticulously engineered to return the pristine clarity your aircraft deserves. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction booklet guides you through the restoration process, making it a seamless task regardless of your experience level. This kit doesn't just remove scratches; it rejuvenates your view from the cockpit, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and operational safety of your aircraft.

Join the ranks of satisfied pilots and maintenance professionals worldwide who trust Scratch-Off for their aircraft window and windshield restoration needs. With Scratch-Off, clarity isn't just improved; it's transformed.

Elevate Your Aircraft's Visibility Today Don't let scratches and cloudiness compromise your view from the sky. Trust Scratch-Off 51-861 Deluxe FBO Windshield Repair Kit for unmatched clarity and performance. Available now for pilots and aircraft owners who demand the best in optical restoration.


  • Two 4" Dia. Velcro backed Yellow Compounding Foam Pad
  • Two 4" Dia. Velcro backed White Polishing Foam Pad
  • One 3" Velcro Hook faced backing Plate
  • One Instruction Booklet
  • One polish applicator
  • One 4oz bottle Micro-Cut
  • One 4oz bottle Micro-Lite
  • One 4oz bottle Micro-Brite
  • One 4oz bottle Micro-Shine
  • One Scratch-Off Micro Fiber Cloth for Acrylic
  • One bottle water sprayer/mister
  • One each yellow/white hand pad for hard-to-reach areas

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