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Shipping and
Fulfillment With

When an AirParts customer purchases a product, the true magic begins, and we promise clients an incredibly fast delivery.


We offer three different shipping and fulfillment plans to support our incredible “Customer-First” culture which includes having you ship your own orders to buyers (called self fulfilment), having us ship the order for you through Fulfillment by AirParts, or creating a mix of self-fulfillment and AirParts fulfillment.

There is a lot that goes into getting a package sent out to a buyer and even more that goes in to delivering that package on time per commitment. The complexities of order management, the pick process, packaging, selecting the right carrier, boxing the product, and finally the shipment really makes fulfillment either an enjoyable task or an undesirable aspect of your business. There are a hundred things that have to happen to get a product delivered ON-TIME to the client.

You focus on selling
your parts, we focus
on shipping them
Fulfillment by AirParts

How does Fulfillment
by AirParts work?

Once you become an AirParts seller, your account is Fulfillment by AirParts enabled. There is no charge to have Fulfillment by AirParts activated on your seller account and you can start using the capabilities of the service on day one. If you decide to use Fulfillment by AirParts, you will send the inventory you want to an AirParts distribution center and AirParts will take over making your life worry free. We will handle your customer service, your order shipments, returns, and refunds to buyers. Your inventory in our facilities can easily be tracked in your Seller Portal.


What are the steps to
Fulfillment by AirParts?

Its so easy to get started with Fulfillment by AirParts. Once you are a registered seller with a commercial or OEM plan, you are five steps away from your inventory going live under Fulfillment by AirParts. Also, once you use Fulfillment by AirParts, you are given a much higher chance of winning the Featured Merchant Box on each product page of which you have inventory.

  1. Select items you are selling and you wish to send to AirParts in your Seller Portal
  2. Create an inventory submission order from within your Seller Portal
  3. Prepare your items for e-commerce following the instructions in your Seller Portal
  4. Package your items in appropriate boxes to send to us
  5. Create a shipping label to our facility and select a pickup date from within your Seller Portal
  6. Affix the label on your boxes and wait for carrier pickup

Within 8 hours of receipt into our distribution facility, your inventory will be inspected, tagged, and put into inventory for immediate picking and shipping to AirParts clients. Your status on the product listing page will also immediately show you are a preferred seller, and your clients will enjoy free quick shipping of their product.

What are the benefits to fulfillment by airparts?


You focus on your business and selling, AirParts handles everything else. We take all the headache out of running an aviation parts sales business for you.

  • Outsource your customer service overnight
  • Outsource your product returns
  • Outsource your inventory storage
  • Get rid of all your order fulfillment pains
  • Immediately scale and grow your business with no investment
  • Offer free two-day, one-day, or same-day (in certain markets) shipping to AirParts AOG buyers
  • Immediately up the odds of winning the Featured Merchant Box on product listing pages
  • Enjoy the safety and security of having your inventory in insured, bonded, highly secured and controlled AirParts distribution centers
  • Relish in the ability to sell an unlimited number of items and have them fulfilled immediately with no work on your part
  • Relax as AirParts takes full accountability for buyer dissatisfaction leaving your AirParts feedback unaffected by negative order handling
you sell your parts
and also ship them

For any reason you should decide that Fulfillment by AirParts is not the right fit for your business, your AirParts Seller Portal offers tools and services to enable you to ship your inventory to buyers directly. If this is your choice, its easy and simple to ship your own inventory and we have created a Self-Fulfillment Guide for you to review if this is your choice.

How do I know if I should handle my own order shipping?

Fulfillment by AirParts is not for every seller. Either you don’t have products that are suitable for Fulfillment by AirParts (such as hazardous materials), your margins are too small on the products you are selling, or you just want to handle shipping yourself. Additionally, if you already have a robust logistics capability, Fulfillment by AirParts may not be needed.

If the decision is made to filfill your own orders there are benefits to that as well:
  • Maintain local control of your inventories
  • Have more control over products with very tight margins – although we offer Fulfillment by AirParts programs for tight margin items
  • Use your own packaging or shipping labels
  • Sell inventory items that we cannot accept into a Fulfillment by AirParts distribution center
  • You just want to do it yourself and enjoy the process

Full seller self-fulfillment tools are available as standard functionality in your Seller Portal

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