Aviation Services Marketplace

Aviation Services Marketplace

Welcome to the Services department. The department manager for Services is Tommy. You can contact him by sending a message to [email protected] through your AirParts message center. You will find everything service-related in this section. If you have an AOG situation or need to request a service or service item quickly, or you are stranded with a non-AOG issue, you can contact AirPart's Services and AOG pilot support team to expedite your service requirements. Our team will contact our network of available sellers, who are also service providers in the area of your AOG to locate a provider ready to assist.

We are growing our service provider base and will continue to add service capability throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world. As we launch AirParts, our service capability footprint is small however, over the next several months as we add providers, we will launch a fully instantaneous and automated provider matching tool to enable you to quickly obtain scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance as well as emergency and AOG support services. Please be patient with us as we develop and grow this branch of AirParts.

Current service capabilities are:

San Francisco, California and surrounding airports for AOG
Washington DC area and surrounding airports for AOG
New York's Long Island and surrounding airports for AOG

If you are an FAA certificate holder and need to include AirParts on your approved vendor list, please send an email to [email protected] for immediate processing. Please provide a copy of the form that needs to be completed and a return email address to send the completed vendor audit form back to you.